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Let's start building your Business Emergency Plan. To begin, let's start by filling in the basic contact information for your specific business.

Section 252.905, Florida Statutes declares any information furnished by a person or a business to the Florida Division of Emergency Management for the purpose of being provided assistance with emergency planning is exempt from 119.07(1) and s. 24(a), Art. I of the State Constitution.

Therefore, information provided through this website for the purposes of building your emergency plan is exempt from public records requests made of the Division and is only used for the express purpose of allowing visitors to this website to build and maintain plans.



A Business Emergency Plan should include important contacts and suppliers who you may need to reach. Try to include as many contacts and suppliers that you think may be vital to your business.

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If your business has alternative locations, make sure that you include them in your emergency plan. During an emergency, you'll likely want to contact certain individuals for various reasons.

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During an emergency, it's important that your business has access to important records and resources that it needs to operate. Include as many important records and resources that you think may be vital to your business.



Congratulations. You have successfully created your disaster plan.

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